How to Get More Likes and Comments – The Science of Instagram:


Based on DanZarella´s infographic, Juntae Delane writes in an interesting way about what attracts the eye and creates attention and popularity on instagram.

Brands have a hard time cracking Instagram because there is very little public data available. As they continue to build their Instagram audience, they may find themselves waiting to dive into the analytics until they reach that golden number of followers.

However that wait may now be over. Dan Zerrella has created an infographic that analyzed data from nearly 1.5 million photos and 538,000 users.

Here’s how you get more likes and comments on Instagram…

Key Insights

CPF is Comments-per-Follower.
LPF is Likes-per-Follower.

  • More tags on a photo = more CPF and LPF.
  • Photos with no filter have the highest LPF.
  • Photos captioned with the world “like” get more LPF; photos captioned with “comment” get more CPF.
  • Unsaturated photos have significantly higher CPF and LPF.
  • Photos with faces have 35 percent higher LPF.
  • Busier photos (those with more edges) have a higher LPF.
  • Cooler colors have more LPF than warmer colors.
  • Luminance – or brightness – has a higher LPF.




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